July 25, 2008

Dead Zone...

Well no doubt you've seen those new Verizon cell phone commercials that are all about the "Dead Zones". Basically some weird-o's try to creep the Verizon customer out by talking about the DEAD ZONE!!! and then the customer is like, "Oh it's ok... I have Verizon!" LALALA!

Here's why it is THE MOST INACCURATE commercial ever!

1. I used to have Verizon as my cell phone provider and I was always dropping calls.

2. and this one makes me laugh... when my family moved into our new house we moved into a DEAD ZONE! No one has cell service at my house. No one! And so because we were in a dead zone, Verizon let us out of our contract for free instead of the $100 plus bucks they were wanting to cancel! L O L!!!


Anne Elizabeth said...

I think about that EVERYTIME I see those dumb commercials. Do you get better coverage with the Rumor? Mine is better with than the razor but not that great. I live in a "dead zone" too. I can text great though with my new phone!

Joy said...

I'd laugh if I could... really I would! But at least the guy I talked with was a doll and willing to help us (note that *I* am the one who called and had to deal with it)!

Ris said...

That is awesome! I am shocked that they did that. Usually those jokers do whatever they can to keep your money. AT&T recently suckered my 80 year old grandmother into her own contract, when she was already on my mom's plan. My mom went and fixed it, but still! Glad you were able to get one for our side.