June 27, 2008

My Joy

Let ell tell you a story. A story about a girl. A wonderful, beautiful girl. Everyday she works so hard to make her kings castle a real home. She wasn't told to do these things... She just does them! Amazing to think that she is my Joy, my wife! That's right. Day in and day out my wife is so good to me and our girls. She daily works hard to clean and make our home as lovely as can be. And to think after all of the chasing, cleaning, diaper changing, and yes screaming... she still dresses up to make herself beautiful for her man when he comes home from a long day at work! Lucky me! My wife is so beautiful and hard-working and I know that I definitely got the "best catch" out there.

June 24, 2008


Well today is Tuesday and tonight, like ever Tuesday night, we'll have youth group at my church. Out of all the days of the week Tues. is always the hardest for me. The devil REALLY likes to get on my nerves on Tues. But that's obvious why he would do that...

Yesterday we started these new classes for our youth and they went really well. We have 14 of our kids signed up but only a few were able to make yesterday. I have high hopes that we're coming to a new place in my youth group. A place like never before. Praise God!

June 21, 2008


In Matthew 25:14-30, Jesus tells the parable of the "talents". Most of you probably remember that story. On Monday I was studying Matthew 24 and 25 and when I came to this passage I got two things out of it.

First I'll give you a quick recap:
The Master is leaving for a journey and entrusts some of his talents or money to three slaves. To the first one the master gave five talents, and to the second he gave two talents, and to the third one talent each according to the slaves own abilities. The first slave doubled his talents as did the second but the third slave was afraid so he buried his talent. After a long time the master came back to see how his slaves did. To the two who doubled their talents he said, "Well done! Because you were faithful of little I will make you over many things." But to the one who buried his talent he said, "You wicked and lazy slave..."

Like I said, I got two things out of this. (1) We as God's people have to be faithful with what God gives us. More specifically our own "talents". I've been truly blessed with a musical talent. Singing came natural to me. I taught myself how to play guitar and it didn't take long at all. I give God the glory for this. I know many people take a long time to learn guitar and sing but to me these things came natural. But why? Why was I given this talent? In the story the slaves were still working for their master even though he was gone for a long time. All the hard work the did, two of them anyway, was for their master. They doubled what their mater had given them and it was for their masters glory not their own. I think you can see where I'm going with this. God gives us talents so we can bring His name glory!

Now for some this means you really need to take God out of the box. You might be saying, "Well my talent is labor. I can't really give God glory and praise by working can I?" Absolutely you can! Romans 12:1 says, "Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship." Our physical bodies is what Paul was talking about. What we do with them is our "service of worship." And listen to Colossians 3:23, "Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men..." Amen!

(2) The second thing I got out of Matthew 25:14-30 was for me and all Pastor's. You see just as the master entrusted his slaves with something that was of value to him (his money) our Heavenly Master has entrusted us with something that is of great value to Him: His people. I believe God has given every Pastor a congregation. Some He's given a large one, some a medium size one, and some a small one. Each according to the Pastors abilities. If you have a small church, like mine, don't be upset or jealous or judging of larger churches. I know a big attitude in small churches is, "Well bigger churches aren't as good because there's not as much relationship as our small church." And there's SO many reasons why that is so wrong to think. One reason is as a small church you're NOT CALLED TO STAY THE SIZE! The slaves multiplied what their master had given them and in the same way ALL ministries, no matter what size, are called to multiply. Matthew 28:19 says, "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit."

If you look at our model for making disciples, Jesus Christ, we see that He taught them everything to do first by doing it Himself. But after He had "multiplied" Himself into 12, He then said, "Now you go! Do the exact same thing!" We're not called to "sit" on what God has entrusted us with. We must multiply for His glory! And when it comes to multiplication, God said make DISCIPLES, not decisions. Check yourself... I know for me it was a wake-up call because at the end of this age I don't want to stand before God and hear, "You wicked and lazy Pastor!"

June 20, 2008

Friday - Clean-up day

Well it's Friday and that means I'm supposed to clean the bathroom... you can't tell from the picture but it is really messy! I haven't cleaned it in awhile. But you know, it's not like I've done it on purpose. Not cleaning it I mean. I don't even think about it. One day I go in there and I'm like, "Oh man! This is a mess!" I just don't think about taking a really close look at the bathroom as much as I'm supposed to.

But isn't that what it's like with our walk with God? We get so comfortable and so used to doing the "routine" that we get caught off guard. And one day we open our eyes and say to ourselves, "Oh man! This is a mess!" One of two things happens next. (1) We clean up our rough areas and make changes or (2) we walk away and simple say, "I'll clean this later."

We need to make sure that we don't let the Devil constantly gain control over us through our blind spots. One way of making sure that we watch over our blind spots is by letting someone keep in check to those areas we normally don't glance at. This can be annoying at times but it is essential. When I need to clean the bathroom my wife "reminds" me ever so often. But if she never said a thing it would most likely get put on the back burner (if it ever even makes the "stove"). We have to let people in our lives ask us hard and tough questions about where we're at with God. And even tougher a challenge is to be honest in answering them...

June 16, 2008

Who Am I?

My mom gave me this book marker she made and I thought I would share what is says:

Who Am I?

You made in My image in My likeness.
Genesis 1:26

Before you were formed in your mother's womb I knew you.
Jeremiah 1:5

I, the King, desire your beauty. You are all glorious within, you clothing interwoven with gold.
Psalm 45:11, 13

You did not choose Me, I chose you.
John 15:16

I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands.
Isaiah 49:16

I gave Myself for you the I might redeem you.
Titus 2:14

You are chosen of God, holy and beloved.
Colossians 3:12

You are the salt of the earth.
Matthew 5:13

You are My friend, if you do what I command you, I have called you My friend.
John 15: 14, 15

I have called you by named; you are Mine.
Isaiah 43:1

June 11, 2008

I made the cover!

It Came

Star date... Monday. I received a package in the mail. Could this be what I have been waiting for? But it's not due for two more weeks! My curiosity got to me. I must see what's inside:
Is it? IS IT?


MY 360!!!

Well I got my 360 back early though I still haven't had time to play it yet. Today I was busy at work all day. When I got some free time I decided to read the book of Joshua... like the whole thing... almost anyway... from chapter nine to the end. Amazing! Besides the fact that it would make a sweet video game J/K... It's truly amazing what God did for Israel and Joshua. He is such a faithful God to keep all He promises, as long as we keep our end of the bargain as well.
What could I mean by that? Well everybody knows John 3:16. But just 20 verses later not many people know what the gospel of John states. It says in verse 36 of chapter 3, "He who believes in the Son has eternal life; but he who does not obey the Son will not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him." So many times I've heard the saying, "Oh he (or she) is saved but they're just not exactly living it out right now..." What? Again look at what the Word says, "...but he who does not obey the Son will not see life..." It's pretty clear to me what is being said here. When we disobey God's word or direction, God has no choice but to send His wrath (wrath: A righteous judgment) upon us. There is no in between with God. We're with Him or not...

June 6, 2008


Two days away. I'm working on my message for Sunday morning right now. I've got a lot that I want to share but my little brother is preaching with me and because we're doing some extra stuff that morning we each get only 15 minutes to speak. Now when you tell me I've got 15 minutes, I'll end up taking about 23 minutes and when you tell my little bro that he's only got 15 minutes he'll take about 28 minutes. Just kidding.

I'm really excited to speak because God has been sharing a lot with me lately. The last few days I've actually forgot above the fact that Sunday evening I'll be licensed as a Pastor. It still hasn't hit me. I met yesterday with my dad and Jim Cox about the whole service and the charges that I'll receive. I've already received a charge from God in my quiet time. God's awesome! Well I better get back to work on my message...

June 5, 2008

Thursday... My Friday

My work week ends on Thursday around 9pm and usually I'm ready to crash at about 6:45pm. But I can't really do that. You see Thursdays from 7 to 8 we have a Kids Club at my church. And it drains you completely by the time its over. So usually after that last van pulls out (we pick up and drop off all of our kids) and sigh of relief makes its way to the front of my mouth. But then I go back inside the church and realize how much we have to clean before Sunday morning service. Luckily no one does this by themselves...

I just finished The Power of God's Presence and wow! What an amazing book! It has stirred me up greatly. I'll share some of the things that really poked out to me in a later post...

Well I'm sore, tired, and ready to hit the couch so PEACE!