June 20, 2008

Friday - Clean-up day

Well it's Friday and that means I'm supposed to clean the bathroom... you can't tell from the picture but it is really messy! I haven't cleaned it in awhile. But you know, it's not like I've done it on purpose. Not cleaning it I mean. I don't even think about it. One day I go in there and I'm like, "Oh man! This is a mess!" I just don't think about taking a really close look at the bathroom as much as I'm supposed to.

But isn't that what it's like with our walk with God? We get so comfortable and so used to doing the "routine" that we get caught off guard. And one day we open our eyes and say to ourselves, "Oh man! This is a mess!" One of two things happens next. (1) We clean up our rough areas and make changes or (2) we walk away and simple say, "I'll clean this later."

We need to make sure that we don't let the Devil constantly gain control over us through our blind spots. One way of making sure that we watch over our blind spots is by letting someone keep in check to those areas we normally don't glance at. This can be annoying at times but it is essential. When I need to clean the bathroom my wife "reminds" me ever so often. But if she never said a thing it would most likely get put on the back burner (if it ever even makes the "stove"). We have to let people in our lives ask us hard and tough questions about where we're at with God. And even tougher a challenge is to be honest in answering them...


Anne Elizabeth said...

Great analogy and amen!

Joy said...

How you could even use a BATHROOM and GOD in the same sentence... I'll never know. For shame (totally kidding)!

Anyway, I love how you say, "When my wife REMINDS me..." Be honest... it's more like when I scold you and nag, nag, nag you until you finally get so fed up you get up and do it!

And... after writing this blog post... how long did it take you to get up there and clean it? Hmm?

Ris said...

Great post! You are a good teacher...putting things into simple stories. (great styke, esp since that's how Jesus taught!)

I just ask that my hubby put the seat down, LOL. Cleaning is not his forte! But he does all the yard work and takes out the trash, so I'm happy with that!

Rachel's Journal Pages said...

That is really helpful. I will have to make a little connection in my brain of bathroom cleanliness and my relationship with God - that will get me thinking about spending time with Him, or when I'm not - why not? Can't be bothered? etc... thanks