June 11, 2008

It Came

Star date... Monday. I received a package in the mail. Could this be what I have been waiting for? But it's not due for two more weeks! My curiosity got to me. I must see what's inside:
Is it? IS IT?


MY 360!!!

Well I got my 360 back early though I still haven't had time to play it yet. Today I was busy at work all day. When I got some free time I decided to read the book of Joshua... like the whole thing... almost anyway... from chapter nine to the end. Amazing! Besides the fact that it would make a sweet video game J/K... It's truly amazing what God did for Israel and Joshua. He is such a faithful God to keep all He promises, as long as we keep our end of the bargain as well.
What could I mean by that? Well everybody knows John 3:16. But just 20 verses later not many people know what the gospel of John states. It says in verse 36 of chapter 3, "He who believes in the Son has eternal life; but he who does not obey the Son will not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him." So many times I've heard the saying, "Oh he (or she) is saved but they're just not exactly living it out right now..." What? Again look at what the Word says, "...but he who does not obey the Son will not see life..." It's pretty clear to me what is being said here. When we disobey God's word or direction, God has no choice but to send His wrath (wrath: A righteous judgment) upon us. There is no in between with God. We're with Him or not...


Anne Elizabeth said...

I've been thinking alot about that verse since you shared it on Sunday during your preaching!

Congrats on getting your 360 back!

Joy said...

You... are... CRAZY! And I love being married to you. It's always fun!

As for the verses you read, that was enough to make me want to pee my pants in fear. Might I remind you that we didn't do our devotion together last night because YOU were tired?!

Also, you forgot to mention that the reason you were reading Joshua was because of STARGATE because Jack O'Neill's go-ould larvae's name was Canaan. Pssh. You leave out all the good details!

Daniel said...

Actually babe, I had already started reading Joshua... Stargate nerd...

Ris said...

these pics made me laugh so hard! And your comments (like calling Joy out on being a nerd,) made me laugh harder).Sorry Joy! But you used the phrase "go-ould larvae!"