June 24, 2008


Well today is Tuesday and tonight, like ever Tuesday night, we'll have youth group at my church. Out of all the days of the week Tues. is always the hardest for me. The devil REALLY likes to get on my nerves on Tues. But that's obvious why he would do that...

Yesterday we started these new classes for our youth and they went really well. We have 14 of our kids signed up but only a few were able to make yesterday. I have high hopes that we're coming to a new place in my youth group. A place like never before. Praise God!


Joy said...

Yeah you definitely do get attacked Tuesday AND Sunday. I find it interesting that almost every Sunday we find ourselves snappy and irritable. Just diablo wanting to stick his ugly butt into things.

Okay so I want to hear you blog about... Elaina and Abigail! From your perspective! The things that you love... and the things that you hate (dirty diap anyone?)!

Anne Elizabeth said...

I will be praying for your evening!