October 15, 2008

Captain America Movie Hints?

You may have already seen this but just in case you didn't I had to share it. Marvel may be trying to hint at a Captain America movie through placing Capt. items in other movies like Ironman and The Incredible Hulk. You be the judge. First a pic from Ironman:
Notice the (incomplete) shield behind Tony Stark?

Take a closer look:

And in the original opening for the Hulk, Bruce Banner is in the Antarctic (If you get the DVD you can see this opening). Take a look of what or whom is frozen in the ice:

That's right... it's the frozen body of Captain America!
(Here I outlined it in case you couldn't see it)

I'm all for more super hero movies. BTW if you leave a comment tell me your fav super hero movie. Mine? Easy: The Dark Knight


Anne Elizabeth said...

My favorite is the spider man trilogy:) Do you have HULK? I want to borrow it if you do!

Joy said...

Obsessed much? I also love the Dark Knight the best!!!