January 6, 2009

Drippley thoughts...

Man I haven't worked since last year! Yes today was indeed my first day back to the daily grinding stone since December 23. I was the first one in the office today so for the first few minutes I just sat there wondering, "What now? I'm here... at work... with almost no work to do..." So I'm actually glad it was an easy day for me with little to prepare for this week. I've been thinking about a lot of things to do in my youth group this year. Thinking about what worked last year... and ultimately what BOMBED abysmally. Ok so nothing went that bad... I don't think. We shall see what stays in my head and what leaks out like a drippley spout (yes I know drippley is not a real word but it's kinda fun to say. Go ahead... say it... out loud now... there you go).

So tax season is coming up! YEEEEAAAAHH! Yes I was serious. A lot of people hate tax season but I like it. Why? Cuz we get a check from the government for a lot o money! If you don't have kids... sorry. Cuz if you have kids you get more back! I knew they were good for something... just kidding. I remember my first tax return. I was so pumped! I was like, "Man I got lots of money back!" The "lots" of money was about $80... not a lot but I didn't care. SHOPPING TIME! However this tax return will sadly go mostly to bills... I say mostly because well... you see I'm married to a woman and well woman like to shop and if you give a woman with bills $5000 she'll spend most of it on those bills... but lets be real. Some of that is going to mommy and daddy!

Pierced Pastor


Joy said...

Bye-bye credit card debt..... yes siree!

My captcha on this is hysterically, "refunb"!!!

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Hey Daniel - I just hopped onto your blog - mostly because I saw that you were a pastor and you're inked, which is pretty cool. Good blog too - God bless in the new year and happy blogging!

Anonymous said...

I love tax season too! We will get less this time though cause Trav changed his withholdings so we could have more money in his paychecks.