January 19, 2009

I Don't Know What To Put Here For This Post...

Man I'm tired. I've been fasting today so I'm a little out of it. My hands are kind of shakey right now so I'm probably not going to blog for long. I can't believe how fast this month has gone by. Thursday we meet with Doug to put the final touches for the Mardi Gras outreach and the "roster" together. I have to admit that I mainly go to this meeting for the fellowship. Doug is a great guy and really fun to be around. I do have a few issues that have to be addressed for the trip but nothing major.

But first before Thursday comes tomorrow night. Obama will be sworn in and I'm sure everyone will be talking about it at my youth group. Seeing as opinion varies from person to person about him at my church, and most churches for that matter, it will probably be an interesting evening to say the least.

Gotta say this. GO CARDS!!! I think it's really awesome that the Cardinals are going to the Superbowl and its even cooler that Kurt Warner, a really strong and outspoken man of God, led them there. I hope they win it because what a awesome story it would be. Of course no one gave them a chance to get this far and so far not many people are giving them a chance to win it all but we'll see. Well I'm tired so that's all for now... later I'll try and post some cool stuff I've been studying in the bible.

Pierced Pastor


Joy said...

My vote is for the cardinals, too!

P.S. Change the picture of me on your sidebar, pleeeeeeease!

P.S.S. Soooo not looking forward to tomorrow's inaug. People are seriously getting hyperactive about all of this.