January 12, 2009

Only Six Weeks Away?!?!?

WHAT?! Six weeks?!? My church's yearly Mardi Gras missions is only six weeks away. I thought it was waaaaaaaaaaaaayy more time than that but it's all good. We are packed this year and there's a few fresh faces so I'm excited. But to tell you the truth I haven't thought too much about it. My main focus has been my youth group and our first meeting of 2009 which is tomorrow night.

Man the devil's been rolling in 2009 so far. So many people I've been talking to are have a rough start. But God is faithful and the victory is ours! Anyway I'm really watch TV now so no more blah blah blah...


Sunshine. said...

WOW! the last year has flown by. I'm really bummed that I'm going to be mission MG this year ): but I'm planning on being there next year! I pray God moves mightily in and through you all.

Joy said...

Break in those sneakers!

Oh... and I get to come, right?