January 19, 2009

I Don't Know What To Put Here For This Post...

Man I'm tired. I've been fasting today so I'm a little out of it. My hands are kind of shakey right now so I'm probably not going to blog for long. I can't believe how fast this month has gone by. Thursday we meet with Doug to put the final touches for the Mardi Gras outreach and the "roster" together. I have to admit that I mainly go to this meeting for the fellowship. Doug is a great guy and really fun to be around. I do have a few issues that have to be addressed for the trip but nothing major.

But first before Thursday comes tomorrow night. Obama will be sworn in and I'm sure everyone will be talking about it at my youth group. Seeing as opinion varies from person to person about him at my church, and most churches for that matter, it will probably be an interesting evening to say the least.

Gotta say this. GO CARDS!!! I think it's really awesome that the Cardinals are going to the Superbowl and its even cooler that Kurt Warner, a really strong and outspoken man of God, led them there. I hope they win it because what a awesome story it would be. Of course no one gave them a chance to get this far and so far not many people are giving them a chance to win it all but we'll see. Well I'm tired so that's all for now... later I'll try and post some cool stuff I've been studying in the bible.

Pierced Pastor

January 17, 2009

Date Night... and a little politics...

YEESSS! Date night with my wife (who else?)! Tonight wifey and I get to go out on a kid free date! Oh thank you! I'm excited because we haven't been able to go out on a date since around last summer... sad, sad, sad... Our last "date" was in October though, but we didn't go out and it was not kid free and it was ruined by a gentleman whom which I will not talk about. Needless to say we're tired and overdue for a nice quiet date for just the two of us.

Man January is already half over! For me it has flown by. These past few days have been a little stressful for many reasons but I shalt go into them for many other reasons. Am I speaking in riddles? I guess I am.

So... what else can I blog about? Hmmm... Barak... no... lets not go there just yet... Ok I'll go there. I think its crazy how much people are "in love" with President-elect Obama. From people crying to people praise God. It crazy to me. I see that people have put so much if not all of their hope in Obama. Our hope should not be in a man. It should be in Jesus Christ. I'll put it this way: no man will EVER be able to permanently fix the problems you have. Only God almighty can do that. A personal example that I can take from my own life is the fact that God has provided for my family in these difficult financial times. God has blessed us greatly. He gave us a house. I'm 22 years old and a home owner. I was 20 when we bought our house! Every month we've been able to pay our mortgage, pay all of our bills, and have food on the table every meal (you can tell we have food because clearly I'm still fat! HaHa). A few people have wondered if I make a ton of money. The answer is NO. I make very little actually. Last year I made about 24,000. How do I get it? I give it away!
Every paycheck I give God a tithe (tenth) of what I made and I also give an offering on top of that. Now in my human mind it doesn't make sense to give away money to be more blessed but that;s God's way. The Bible tells us if we tithe (give a tenth of whatever we make) that God will pour out such blessings that they will overflow us! Praise God and to Him be the glory! I thank God that He has blessed my family so much and yes there are still some thing we need but I'm confident that God will supply them.

My hope? It's in Jesus Christ and nothing or no one else. I'm looking to Him in these hard times... not a mortal man.

Pierced Pastor

January 12, 2009

Only Six Weeks Away?!?!?

WHAT?! Six weeks?!? My church's yearly Mardi Gras missions is only six weeks away. I thought it was waaaaaaaaaaaaayy more time than that but it's all good. We are packed this year and there's a few fresh faces so I'm excited. But to tell you the truth I haven't thought too much about it. My main focus has been my youth group and our first meeting of 2009 which is tomorrow night.

Man the devil's been rolling in 2009 so far. So many people I've been talking to are have a rough start. But God is faithful and the victory is ours! Anyway I'm really watch TV now so no more blah blah blah...

January 6, 2009

Drippley thoughts...

Man I haven't worked since last year! Yes today was indeed my first day back to the daily grinding stone since December 23. I was the first one in the office today so for the first few minutes I just sat there wondering, "What now? I'm here... at work... with almost no work to do..." So I'm actually glad it was an easy day for me with little to prepare for this week. I've been thinking about a lot of things to do in my youth group this year. Thinking about what worked last year... and ultimately what BOMBED abysmally. Ok so nothing went that bad... I don't think. We shall see what stays in my head and what leaks out like a drippley spout (yes I know drippley is not a real word but it's kinda fun to say. Go ahead... say it... out loud now... there you go).

So tax season is coming up! YEEEEAAAAHH! Yes I was serious. A lot of people hate tax season but I like it. Why? Cuz we get a check from the government for a lot o money! If you don't have kids... sorry. Cuz if you have kids you get more back! I knew they were good for something... just kidding. I remember my first tax return. I was so pumped! I was like, "Man I got lots of money back!" The "lots" of money was about $80... not a lot but I didn't care. SHOPPING TIME! However this tax return will sadly go mostly to bills... I say mostly because well... you see I'm married to a woman and well woman like to shop and if you give a woman with bills $5000 she'll spend most of it on those bills... but lets be real. Some of that is going to mommy and daddy!

Pierced Pastor

January 3, 2009

Hit! and miss...

So no new tattoo. I didn't have to money plus they wanted to charge me more because of where I wanted to get the tat (my hands). It's all good. Today my church is taking me and my family out to eat! OH YEAH! We're to Bo Lings: the best Chinese food! I still don't know what I'm going to get to eat yet. They have this dish called "Tofu Family Style" that rocks but the are famous for their "General Tso's Chicken" which is one of my favorite Chinese dishes.

It hasn't hit me yet that 2008 in done and gone and here we are in 2009. That may be because I haven't had to go back to work yet. I've thinking a lot lately (a dangerous past time I know) about 2008. My mind seems to be flooded with thoughts of what I didn't do or things that went terribly wrong. One thing that really bothers me is last year I said, "This year (2008) I want to record (professionally) my music." And I wasn't able to do that. Also my back has been bothering me like crazy lately and it really sucks. I hurt so bad all day long and when I lay down at night to sleep I feel like I've been doing manual labor for 14 hours even though that's obviously not the case. This past holiday season was brutal for me, though Christmas eve and day was actually a lot of fun. Joy and I miscarried in November and it ripped me to the core of my very being. I struggled with everything. I just wanted to be left only yet at the same time I wanted to know that there were people with me in all of this. I really started to struggle with who I was. I couldn't do my job anymore and I felt like God was a million miles from me. I felt like this was punishment from God. I felt so much guilt, day after day. It was a really hard time and its one of the reasons I'm glad 2008 is gone and done.

I don't really make "new-year resolutions" but I do try to think about some goals I'd like to do (can't tell you the difference). I've done this off and on for many years but this year I haven't been able to. If I think of anything that I really want to do I may or may not post it... well its time for me to get going....

Pierced Pastor