May 23, 2008

Indiana Jone and the dumbest ending EVER!!!

I've never been more disappointed in my life! Indiana Jones has just taken the world title for WORST MOVIE EVER! Don't get me wrong. 90% of the movie was everything you wanted to see in an Indiana Jones movie. There were a few scenes that came straight from the cheese factory (i.e. swinging through the jungle like Tarzan... yeah) but the movie was really good. Then... Then? THEN?!? Yeah George Skywalker and Steven Nerd face made the WORST decision ever. I believe it went something like this:

"We need to do something different." - Steven

"Yeah! Hey you know what we've never even thought of?" - George

"What? The Ten Commandments?" - Steven

"No way! Here me out... ALIENS!!!" - George

"Brilliant! PURE GENIUS!" - Steven

"No one would ever see that coming!" - George

"Maybe E.T. can make a cameo!" - Steven

Maybe the movie should have been called "Indiana Jones: AVP"
Bottom line (and this is coming from a huge Indiana Jones fan) I will never see this movie again and in my opinion they have just killed Indiana Jones. Indiana Jones + Aliens = PURE CRAP THAT SMELLS LIKE BLUE BERRIES BUT WHEN YOU TASTE IT YOU REALIZE YOU'RE EATING CRAP!


Vixbil said...

Came to you through Joy, read her alot so had to check you out. Did read this out to my husband when he had finished playing PS2 Guitar Hero (not sure why I put that bit in) and he is gutted as we weren't likely to go see it but he was looking forward to it! What a bummer

Daniel said...

It truly is a huge bummer... I really wish that they come out and say it's all a big joke! Then re-release the REAL Indiana Jones movie!

Anne Elizabeth said...

Robbie agreed with you about it BUT I still want to see it. I will probably rent it when it comes out on DVD. Oh and I was totally thinking AVP when Robbie was describing the movie to me.

Daniel said...

Yes SAVE your money. Don't spend the $20 to go see in the theater. A funny thing is Joy and I were watching stargate sg1 and they had an episode that had the EXACT SAME STORY-LINE!!! Go figure!