May 26, 2008

25 "Easy" Steps to Hang a Ceiling Fan

On Friday my wife had the bright idea that I should hang the ceiling fan (that has been sitting around for a few weeks in its box) in our living room. I thought to myself, "Sure! It couldn't be that hard..." Boy was I ever wrong! The events went something like this:

1. I flipped random breakers until finally I found the correct one shutting off the electricity to the room.

2. I removed to archaic light fixture

3. I was already wanting to be done.

4. I had to take out the "box" in the ceiling which was held in by a nail?!? What!?! Why would you use a nail when hang a box?!? Tard

5. Found out that yes indeed we can hang the ceiling fan.

6. Put the box back into the ceiling butt this time using screws like you're suppose to!

7. re-applied this old bracket thingy which took an hour because I kept having too take it down then put it back up then take it down then put it back up...

8. Stood around waiting for an angel to come and finish the job.

9. realized I didn't need the bracket thingy that I worked so hard on.

10. repented for the language I just used

11. hung the bracket thingy that came with the fan...

12. realized that the fan came with directions for a reason

13. called dad in desperation... asked him what to do...

14. re-realized that the fan came with directions for a reason

15. Completed step one in the fan installation process. That only took forever...

16. Hung base for fan.

17. Put the decorative piece thingy on...

18. it didn't fit.

19. repented for the language I just used.

20. Jammed the decorative piece on.

21. Begun to attach the fan blades

22. They don't fit...

23. repented for the language I just used.

24. Got the blades to fit.

25. Put the light up and finished...

(26. Seriously considered jumping off the ladder onto my wife after she asked if I was going to hang the ceiling fan in our bed as well.)

There you have it. 25 "easy" steps to hang a ceiling fan! At least it turned out great:


Rob said...

lol! I can SOOO relate!

jewels said...

I am shaking my head laughing cause I can see this in my mind as I read each step.
Good Job!

Anne Elizabeth said...

OMG that is so funny!!! It sounds like hanging one in our house. Don'tcha love old wiring;) It looks great though!

Tiffany said...

I feel your pain. I had a similar experience with hanging mini blinds. The only problem was we had to repeat the experience like 10 times (once for each window).

Joy said...

Bwuahahahaha!!! BTW, I want the one for our room hung before Boo's Birthday Party this Saturday... get on it!!!

What's even funnier is that I was yelling at him the entire time, people! I'm half the reason he had to repent for his language... j/k!

Monkey's Momma said...

This is why hubby and I tend to put off home projects as long as possible. Some guys are a natural at this stuff. My guy isn't, but he sure does smell nice :>