May 20, 2008

Just Blah Blah...

So I'm so tired after youth group I can't even think. In case you didn't know I'm a youth minister. This afternoon I was thinking about what I might blog about but now that I'm pooped to the core I can't remember anything.

I started this book called Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back and I am only into chapter two but I have to say so far it is really profound! It's about persevering through hard times and coming out a stronger Christian. I'm also reading another book called The Fire of God's Presence. It's about a revival that happened in the Hebrides islands (They're off the west coast of Scotland) in the late 40s. It is truly amazing and it has changed my view of what true revival is.

God is so good. He is so faithful. Just when I need to read about a real revival, I find this book. Then I start going through a hard time my wife gives me this book! Praise God!
Well that's all for now.



jewels said...

How wonderful that your X-Box kicked the bucket, and now you have time to read these eye-opening books!

Joy said...

Duh, that's what wives are for!!! Don't you know you're supposed to listen to them because they are WISE?!

Yeah, you keep that in mind, mister. And next time you should actually blog about what happened at youth!

IrIshChIcK said...

I agree I want to hear about youth group. Those books both sound really good.